Thursday, 1 April 2010

First week Running at DNeg

Well it is called running for reason, lol. In one day i walked well over 10 miles. If your going to be a runner, make sure you buy yourself decent trainers! I have killed my favouite trainers in just 3 days.

Saying that, it is SO COOL to be working around all this amazing tech.

Also that rubbish they give you at school about uniform being important, what a load of balls. Creative people dont wear uniforms!


  1. Lol sounds like fun :D. But noted- if a runner- suitabkle footwear :). Also your blogg background is really cool, but its hard to read anything ^^;.

  2. Hey Emily - 10 miles... strewth! And so the reality of running sinks in - and it's your job to be our correspondent from the front line of 'the industry'... I've just had an email re. your reference - I'll say nice things - promise!