Tuesday, 13 April 2010

In bed with tonsillitis, RUBBISH!!! But here is another animation i found in my ill bed

 Third week at work, and i have had to give into bed, due to evil tonsils closing in on me. No eating no head moving, i feel like a big bag of shit! This however cheered me up a little.

That said, I got to spend a day last week on a real movie set, playing with props which you guys will get to see in a new film out in couple of years, and I met; well saw the amazing man who wrote this new film. Unfortunalty i'm not allowed to tell you anything more that that, unless i want the sack. Anyways, back to my pit and i wish everyone luck finishing there hand drawn animations, and i look forward to seeing them.

Thursday, 1 April 2010

First week Running at DNeg

Well it is called running for reason, lol. In one day i walked well over 10 miles. If your going to be a runner, make sure you buy yourself decent trainers! I have killed my favouite trainers in just 3 days.

Saying that, it is SO COOL to be working around all this amazing tech.

Also that rubbish they give you at school about uniform being important, what a load of balls. Creative people dont wear uniforms!